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Brochures| Mar 22, 2013

It’s illegal to sell alcohol to anyone under 21 years old. Ask for I.D. and make sure it's real using these tips:

  • Expiration Date: Do not accept I.D. if it has expired.
  • “Duplicate” printed on the card means someone else may have the original.
  • Glue Lines or Irregular Surfaces by the picture or birth date indicate tampering.
  • All Numbers Should Match typeset for the lettering on the rest of the I.D. Also look for tiny pieces of paper with modified dates placed over the numbers.
  • State Logo or seal that is partially missing or altered suggests I.D. is fake.
  • Pin Holes on surface may suggest bleach has been used to “white out” dates.
  • Check The Reverse Side of the I.D. While the front may appear flawless, counterfeiters often just copy the reverse side. Look for blurred lettering.
  • Size, Color, Lettering, Thickness and Corners. Compare the I.D. against another I.D. you know is real – perhaps your own.
  • The Right Person? Make sure photo, height and eye color on the I.D. match the person in front of you.
  • Use an I.D. Checking Guide to make sure out-of-state I.D.s and unfamiliar I.D.s are real. This is especially important in college and tourist communities.

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